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How we do this?

What makes resumeBuilder land this sweet spot between customization and ease

Drag-n-Drop Layouts

Each element inside your resume can be rearranged using simple drag and drop. Updating layouts would become a breeze when you are editing your resume!

Easy Toggles

Keep the data, but hide the content OR simply convert your single column resume into a two-column one with a click. Easy toggle support allows you to put your best foot forward.

Enhanced Design Controls

With a dedicated design panel, you get to control the look and feel of your resume. Add a color which matches your personality. Alter spacing to fit it more content.

Customizable Sections

STOP paying to add certain sections on your resume. Create your own custom section in few clicks and use it like any native section for your resume. Add your achievements, contributions, hobbies, anything!

For people who care about their time!

A tool built for productivity

Multiple Resumes

Put your best foot forward with multiple resumes which duplicate in a click. Use your account data to create different resume for different job profiles.

One/Two Columns

Toggle your resume layout between one or two column depending on your details or your recruiter's requirements.

Social Handles

Add social links for your LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, Portfolio, Behance and others to your resume. Create custom contact links if your don't find the one you're looking for!

Detailed Sections

Carefully drafted sections to help you organize and display all the useful information. Easily create custom sections, if you need something else.

Powerful Design Controls

Design your resume with handpicked font pairings, custom colors, and flexible spacing. With grayscale preview to assist you in selecting print-safe colors.

Rich Text Editor

Edit your resume with ease using our Rich Text Editor with Markdown shortcut support. Integrate with Grammarly® to fix errors without leaving resumeBuilder.

Profile Images

Put a face to that resume. Add separate profile pictures to your resume (or don't) for the job applications that need it.

Dark Mode

Smooth and accessible dark mode support for the late night, last minute resume building sessions. Your eyes will thank you for this.

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Antoine Boudet

Mar 4, 2023

A well-crafted resume can make a huge difference in securing a dream job, and it's clear that the Resume Builder is a valuable tool in this process. Wishing you continued success with this initiative!

Anna Zubchenko

Mar 4, 2023

Resume builder is a perfect tool that can help everyone, who is seeking for a job, to create cv faster, great idea!

Usama Ejaz

Mar 3, 2023

Amazing job! Resume Builder is a great way to develop a professional resume and to stand out from the competition

Justus Mulli

Mar 4, 2023

Was thinking of something just like this recently (as were many others) - nicely done! Looks like you've really gone all out! It would be cool to do some kind of test to try and measure how much more effective this is than your average cv

Akash Bhadange

Mar 4, 2023

Loved the level of customization! 💚

Slava Tovkach

Mar 4, 2023

very useful tool for people, who look forward)

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